My team employs talents at home and abroad “energy materials and devices”

Specific work location: No. 15 North Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Salary: 15-35 thousand/year

Education and research direction: PhD, Energy Materials Chemistry

Recruitment position: full-time teacher, post-doctoral

Contact information:

First, the team

The "Nanochem" team of Beijing University of Chemical Technology focused on nano-electrode optimization as a breakthrough, combined with previous technological accumulations in the fields of nanocatalysis, two-dimensional materials, and surface infiltration control, and committed to the research of energy conversion and storage by means of electrocatalysis. The team, relying on the effective use of chemical resources by the State Key Laboratory and the Energy Institute, has relatively complete conditions for the preparation and characterization of energy materials, and has established long-term and stable cooperation with foreign universities such as Stanford and Yale. We sincerely invite outstanding young talents at home and abroad to join us for a brilliant future!

Second, the team leader

Sun Xiaoming, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, executive vice president of the Energy Institute of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the United Kingdom. It mainly focuses on the development of the “energy storage electrode” and “catalytic electrode” in electrochemistry. It also addresses the application requirements of two types of electrodes: gas evolution reaction and gas consumption reaction. It has developed infiltration control methods and improved the key of electrolytic cells and fuel cells. The efficiency and stability of the reaction. As the first author and communication contact, he published 125 academic papers in the mainstream publications of international materials and chemistry, including Nat. Commun., Angew. Chem., JACS, Adv. Mater. He has quoted more than 10,900 times. He cited >9000. Times. It applied for 40 national invention patents and was authorized 22; 8 international patent applications. In 2014-2017, he was named as a highly cited scholar in the field of materials science by Esswer Press. From 2015 to 2017, he was selected as top 1% high-cited scholar in China by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Third, the direction of recruitment

1. Fuel cell device and electrolytic cell reactor design

2. Chemical process and chemical reaction simulation

3. Organic Electrochemistry and Small Molecule Organic Chemistry

Other candidates in the interdisciplinary field of energy and electrochemistry are also welcome.

Fourth, recruitment conditions

1. The applicant shall not exceed 40 years of age in principle;

2. Ph.D. degree, with a background in chemistry, materials or chemical engineering;

3. Published papers in important scientific journals;

4, there is a strong experimental hands-on ability and basic research literacy;

5. Skilled use of English as a working language, independent use of English for academic exchanges, writing academic papers, etc.;

6. Honest and sincere, with a high sense of teamwork and cooperation.

. Recruitment Talent Types and Treatment

1. Full-time teachers: All kinds of talents who are selected from the school to be employed professors (B, C-type introduced talents), and associate professors (young reserve talents), enjoy the corresponding treatment and research funding.

2. Post-doctoral program (or post-doctoral program): Salary of 150,000 yuan / year or more (project, thesis performance is counted separately), to provide corresponding scientific research start-up funds, to solve the Beijing account. Outstanding can directly participate in the associate professor.

Sixth, application method

Candidates please send their resumes, academic presentations, and future work plans to Prof. Sun Xiaoming via e-mail via e-mail: Please indicate the type of candidates.