A.P. Liang Luo

A.P. Liang Luo



Male; Associate Professor. E-mail: luoliang@mail.buct.edu.cn.

Admissions majors: chemistry, chemical engineering and technology.

【Education Background】
2001-2005, Department of Chemistry, University of Beijing Normal University, Bachelor of Science
2005-2010 Fujian Institute of Physical Structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences / Beijing Institute of Chemistry, Ph.D.

【Work Experience】
2013.8-2014.8 University of California, Los Angeles Visiting Scholar
2010-present School of Science, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

【Research Direction】
Mainly engaged in the inorganic nanomaterials, including the controllable synthesis of precious metals, carbon materials, surface modification, separation, the construction of composite structures and their application in assembly, luminescence, catalysis, sensing and other aspects.

【Scientific Research Achievement】

As the project leader, he is responsible for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Basic Research Fund of the Central University of the Ministry of Education, and the free research project of the State Key Laboratory. As a key member, he participates in many national vertical issues such as the Ministry of Science and Technology Support Project, the 863 Project, and the 973 Project.

First Prize for Technological Invention of China Petrochemical Association, Project Title: Coking Desulfurization Waste Liquid Recycling Technology