A.P. Zheng Chang

A.P. Zheng Chang



Female; Associate Professor, Master Tutor.
E-mail: chagnzheng@mail.buct.edu.cn.

【Education Background】
1994.9-1998.7 Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Analysis, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
1998.9-2001.7 Applied Chemistry, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
2002.9-2006.10 Doctor of Materials Science and Chemistry, Blaise Pascal University, France
Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Applied Chemistry, Doctor of Engineering

【Work Experience】
2014.1-2015.1 University of RWTH Aachen, Germany Visiting Scholar

Now working at the School of Science, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, associate professor.

【Research Direction】

(1) Research and Development of Electrosorption Technology

(2) Control Synthesis, Electrochemical Properties, and Catalytic Performance of Carbon Materials

(3) Controlled Synthesis, Electrochemical Properties and Catalytic Performance of Metal Oxides

【Scientific Research Achievement】
At present, she is mainly engaged in the design and synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials and their application in electrochemical applications. In recent years, as the project leader, she has chaired 2 National Natural Science Funds, and 1 research fund for overseas research personnel of the Ministry of Education to serve as an academic backbone to participate in a number of national support plans, and 863 and 973 research projects. She has published dozens of research papers in foreign academic journals such as J. Mater. Chem., Chem. Commun., Inorg. Chem., Nanoscale, Nano Res. and applied for more than ten national invention patents.